The following aircraft are known to have been permanently allocated to ATA. The uses included training and instruction and air-taxi-ing (the Avro Ansons). The list is not complete and we would welcome assistance from researchers with additional data and corrections. Please contact to offer your help.

FP = Ferry Pool
FPP = Ferry Pilot Pool
MU = Maintenance Unit
SOC = Struck Off Charge i.e. withdrawn for scrapping

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Aircraft Allocations

wdt_ID id Type Serial Allocation From (unit) From (date) To (unit) To (date) Notes
1 1 Avro Anson I L7909 Air Transport Auxiliary
2 2 Avro Anson I L7930 Air Transport Auxiliary Struck off charge 19.9.1944
3 3 Avro Anson I L7965 Air Transport Auxiliary Struck off charge 12.4.1945
4 4 Avro Anson I K6250 Air Transport Auxiliary 5 Maintenance Unit 18/04/2046 To ATA 17.9.1942. Overshot on landing, swung and undercarriage collapsed, Prestwick, 20.10.1943. To Air Taxi for repair. To ATA 27.1.1944. To 5 MU 18.4.1946
5 5 Avro Anson I K6295 1 Ferry Pool 1FP, Hucknall, 16.1.1939. 4FP 14.9.1940
6 6 Avro Anson I K6296 2 Ferry Pool 2FP, Filton, 16.1.1939
7 7 Avro Anson I K6302 3 Ferry Pilots Pool 6.2.1941
8 8 Avro Anson I K6323 3 Ferry Pilots Pool 6.4.1941
9 9 Avro Anson I K6325 3 Ferry Pilots Pool 3 Ferry Pilots Pool 7.2.1941
10 10 Avro Anson I K8717 1 Ferry Pilots Pool 1 Ferry Pilots Pool ATA 15.10.1942. Category B accident 3.6.1944. 4FP 18.12.1946