Some items in the archive are still subject to copyright. It has expired on most official documents, such as logbooks and official photographs, which were subject to Crown Copyright lasting 50 years, but still applies to personal items – documents, diaries, personal photographs.

In many cases, copyright on donated items has been assigned to Maidenhead Heritage Trust but not always. We are making this digital archive available to researchers – even where MHT does not own the rights – on the same basis that would apply to visitors viewing the collection in person:

  • No charge is made for standard access – although value-added research support will usually be chargeable
  • The item can be viewed for personal, non-commercial research purposes. Widespread printing and copying is not permitted.
  • Requests for reproduction will be considered individually, based on whether MHT owns the rights.

Access to detailed material is subject to verified online registration (free-of-charge), and is a privilege that can be revoked.

Copyright holders

If you are a copyright holder and believe that your rights are being unfairly infringed by this website, please contact us at to help us rectify the situation.