First and foremost, we thank the flyers and ground crews of the Air Transport Auxiliary for their essential contribution to protecting our security and sovereignty between 1939 and 1945.

Archive supporters

Thank you also to the veterans and their families who generously donated objects to the archive.

The following people – all unpaid volunteers – deserve special mention for developing the archive and making the online service possible:

  • Richard Poad MBE – Chairman of Maidenhead Heritage Trust
  • Richard Butters – Archivist, responsible for scanning much of the material
  • Bernie Kuflik – Archivist, for the personnel database
  • Matthew Shaw – Software developer
  • John Woodside – for permission to use his UK airfields database
  • Anna Cole – for permission to reproduce her poster and college thesis

Software projects

We have used open-source software extensively. Open-source software is developed by volunteers and contributed freely.

The following projects deserve special mention:

  • Leaflet – the viewer for rendering images, documents and maps
  • WordPress – the narrative wrapper for the archive
  • Python – the programming language used for image processing
  • PostgreSQL – the database that stores the archive
  • TileStache – restores images from the database on demand
  • Nginx – the webserver
  • Ubuntu Linux – the underlying server operating system.